Antibacterial Surface Technology

for Titanium Implants


The first approach against implant infections

without using any additional agents with suitability for mass production


Implant infections represent one of the greatest challenges in modern implantology that has not yet been adequately solved.
With our technology we can give a solution to this problem and help all affected patients to gain more security with their implant treatments and an improve life quality.


Inspired by nanostructures on dragonfly wings that have antibacterial effects, we developed a technology to create similar nanostructures on implant surfaces. The result is a significant reduction of the bacterial load that are based on mechanical effects, without the addition of active agents or other materials. 


Behind the nanoshape technology is a team with interdisciplinary expertise in biomedical, materials and engineering sciences and the approval of medical devices. Through many years of application-oriented research in biomedical micro- and nanotechnology and in cooperation with well-known university clinics in Germany, we were able to develop a highly innovative surface technology for the current challenges of modern implantology.

high-tech surface technology

made in Germany


When bacteria get in contact with the nanostructured surface of the implant they can only weakly adhere or even die due to mechanical effects caused by the nanostructures. This way the inital bacterial contaminations can be reduced and the biofilm formation is slowed down.

Low abrasion

The special feature of our surface structure is the excellent mechanical stability against pressure and shearing loads.
As a result, the structure cannot simply be removed as is the case with other coatings.


Like pure titanium the surface structure is extremely biocompatible and has been tested according to DIN EN ISO 10993 and show no signs of cytotoxic effects.

Suitable for mass production

The specially developed process makes it possible to provide any three-dimensional shape of implants evenly with our nanostructuring. At the same time, a large number of components can be structured at once.

Areas of application

The technology developed by nanoshape is basically suitable for all implants or implant components made of titanium or titanium alloys. But especially the areas in which implant-associated infections occur more often or can have dramatic effects for the patients, such as oral implantology, osteosynthesis materials or orthopedics, are excellently suited for the use of our technology.

Oral Implantology