Functionalized surfaces
with bio-inspired


Antibacterial surfaces in nature

Inspired by nanostructures on dragonfly wings that have antibacterial effects, we developed a technology to create similar nanostructures on metal surfaces.
The result is a significant reduction of the bacterial load which is based on mechanical effects, without the addition of chemicals or other materials.

What we offer

Through long and intensive research and development in the field of nanotechnological surface structuring, nanoshape GmbH positions itself as a provider of such solutions. In addition to nanostructuring, we also offer standard surface processes such as sand-blasting, etching or anodizing. In addition, we also offer clean room services, surface analysis, metallographic and material analysis or biological analysis. Let us find a solution for your individual use case.


Our nanotechnology can be used in many industrial areas. It was initally developed for application in medical technology as an implant surface for dentistry, osteosynthesis and orthopaedic implants.

But also in industries like sanitary, water treatment, food and beverages as well as ventilation systems or aerospace antibacterial surfaces can have a great impact on product value.

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